Jaws 2: A Model for Successful Sequels

Jaws 2: A Model for Successful Sequels

Jaws 2 was a film that laid the groundwork for many of the sequel conventions that are utilized to this day. It was the first major summer blockbuster sequel to introduce many of the storytelling techniques that have become standard practice. Here are a few examples:

Heightening the stakes: Jaws 2 was one of the first sequels to feature even more thrilling action than its predecessor. This trend has continued to this day, with sequels often upping the ante with bigger explosions, more elaborate stunts, and higher stakes. Recent examples of this trend include The Fast and the Furious series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While some may argue that this trend of bigger and better sequels can be excessive, it can also be incredibly exciting to watch. As long as filmmakers continue to find new and creative ways to up the ante, audiences will likely continue to enjoy these action-packed sequels.

Bringing back beloved characters: Jaws 2 brought Chief Brody back to the screen, and the film’s success proved that audiences were eager to see familiar faces in new adventures. This has become a hallmark of many sequels, with characters like Rocky Balboa, Indiana Jones, and James Bond returning time and time again. The practice of bringing back beloved characters allows fan favorites to return to the screen while also providing a sense of familiarity and comfort to audiences. This practice has become a common practice in Hollywood.

Expanding the world: Jaws 2 took the action from Amity Island to the open sea, showing audiences a new side of the world established in the first film. This approach has been used in many sequels, with filmmakers exploring new locations, introducing new characters, and expanding the mythology of the original story. This approach allows for new themes and ideas to be explored while still staying true to the core of the original story.

Overall, Jaws 2 set the stage for many of the sequels that followed. Its use of special effects has become an integral part of modern filmmaking. In conclusion, Jaws 2 demonstrated that successful sequels can adhere to the original story and characters while introducing new elements. Its legacy can still be seen in the way Hollywood approaches sequels today.