Planning a Production? Checklist for Selecting the Perfect Location Rental

Finding the perfect location is one of the most crucial steps in production planning. It can set the tone for your event, impact your logistics, and influence your guests’ experience. Here’s a checklist to guide you through selecting the ideal location rental for your upcoming event.

Understand Your Event Needs

Before beginning your search, define your event’s requirements. What is the purpose of the event? How many guests are you expecting? What activities will be happening? Understanding these factors can help you narrow down suitable venues.

Location Accessibility

Choose a location that’s easy for attendees to find and reach. Consider the availability of public transportation, parking facilities, and accommodation options for out-of-town guests.

Size of the Venue

The venue should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate all your guests. It should also fit your event layout, whether it’s a seated dinner, a cocktail reception, or a conference.

Amenities and Facilities

Check what facilities and amenities the venue offers. Is there a kitchen for catering? Are there enough restrooms for your guests? Does it provide audio-visual equipment if you need it? 


Ensure the venue fits within your event budget. Remember to account for extras like service charges, gratuity, and costs for additional services.

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Depending on your event, having both indoor and outdoor options can be a benefit. An outdoor space can offer a change of scenery, while an indoor area provides shelter in case of unpredictable weather.


The venue’s aesthetic should align with your event theme or brand image. Pay attention to the venue’s existing decor and architecture. A venue like Monarch Studios, for instance, offers a unique industrial vibe that can add character to your event.

Vendor Policies

Some venues have restrictions on which vendors you can use. Check the venue’s policies to ensure you can work with your preferred caterers, decorators, or audio-visual providers.

Reviews and References

Look for reviews or references from previous clients. These can give you insights into the venue’s service quality and potential challenges.


In production planning, having a guide is crucial. Choose a venue that can offer flexibility in case of changes or unexpected issues.

At Monarch Studios, we strive to provide a versatile event location rental service to cater to all types of events. Our industrial warehouse and unique indoor and outdoor spaces can be customized to meet your needs, offering you the freedom to bring your vision to life. 

Remember, selecting the perfect location involves thorough research and careful consideration, but it’s worth the effort for a successful event!