From Spaceship to Powder Room: Diverse Standing Sets Los Angeles

Standing Sets Los Angeles at Monarch Studios

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In the world of film and television production, efficiency, consistency, and cost management are key components to successful project execution. One of the fundamental tools that producers and directors rely on to achieve these objectives is standing sets Los Angeles, such as those offered at Monarch Studios.

Open space standing set in Los Angeles

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What Is A Standing Set?


In film and television production, a standing set refers to a permanent set that remains in place throughout the duration of a project or series. Unlike temporary sets, which are built and dismantled for specific scenes or episodes, a standing set is designed to be reused multiple times. 


These sets are typically constructed on a soundstage or within a studio lot and are used for frequently recurring locations, such as the main characters’ homes, offices, or other central settings. Standing sets offer a consistent visual environment, which helps maintain continuity and reduces the time and cost associated with repeatedly building and striking temporary sets.


Standing sets are beneficial for long-running productions, as they provide a familiar and stable backdrop that can be easily accessed for filming. They allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as scenes can be shot out of sequence without the need for extensive setup. Additionally, standing sets often become iconic and integral to the show’s identity, contributing to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere. 


For instance, the living room in “Friends” or the main bridge in “Star Trek” are examples of standing sets that have become synonymous with their respective series. This stability not only aids the production process but also enhances the audience’s connection to the show’s world.

Standing Set Rentals at Monarch Studios


Monarch Studios, located at 333 S. Mission Road in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles, has quickly built a strong reputation for providing high-quality standing sets in Los Angeles. The studio currently offers five standing sets, with more in the planning stages.

In addition, this 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art studio has a Cyc wall, a large, curved backdrop used in photography, film, and television production to create a seamless background or be utilized as a giant green screen for the special effects. Learn more about the advantages of using Cyc wall here.

With all that it has to offer, it’s little wonder that Monarch Studios is becoming well-known as a friendly and creative space for filmmakers, photographers, event coordinators, and artists.

Film Standing Sets Los Angeles


Currently, Monarch Studios houses five in-demand standing sets in Los Angeles. Four of those sets are:

Standing set "The Warehouse" at Monarch Studios Los Angeles.

The Warehouse

This set has a 7,300 square-foot open floor plan with a classic industrial feel. It also houses a 28’ x 28′ x 12′ white cyclorama wall that can be painted for a nominal fee. Additional specialized sets can be built within the warehouse as well.

The Powder Room

This glamorous, pink Hollywood Regency room adds a splash of color to a classic “old Hollywood” style design. The set features pink damask wallpaper, ornate gold details, tufted chaise lounge, vanity set, and chandeliers.

Standing set "The Powder Room" at Monarch Studios Los Angeles.
Standing set "The Yard" at Monarch Studios Los Angeles.

The Yard 

This versatile set features a vintage car setup, an oil drum tower, and a picnic set. It also offers multiple filming vantage points to maximize the many different looks and styles that can be captured with the set.

The Street Scene 

This back alley can be utilized for anything from a downtown district to an urban city to a post-apocalyptic setting to classic film noir to futuristic neo-noir and much more. The set also has different lighting options built in, including customizable Phillips hue strip lights and bulbs. Custom lights and props can also be added to the set.

Standing set "The Street Scene" at Monarch Studios Los Angeles.
To learn more about the sets offered at Monarch Studios and how you can utilize them for your next production, click here or call (818) 486-3931.

Spaceship Standing Set Los Angeles


Standing set "Space Room" at Monarch Studios Los Angeles in a white mode.
Spacesheep standing set in Los Angeles
Futuristic spaceship set in Los Angeles
Space Room set for music videos and photoshoots

The fifth standing set currently available at Monarch Studios is the Space Room. This is the studio’s newest standing set and it features a number of cool innovations and high-tech features, including cutting-edge lighting and control systems:

  • Enttec LED pixel and control system on a Windows desktop PC with touchscreen

  • Integrated RGBW pixel tape along with Ape Labs RGBW DMX wash light fixtures

  • Enttec’s LED mapper software enables running pixel mapping effects across various zones within the space

  • Grand MA 2 on PC node networked in to record timecode shows for playback with an audio track

  • 4 open inputs on Enttec’s Pixelator controller can take 4,096 channels (8 DMX universes) to integrate additional LED pixel fixtures

The outstanding design and high-tech features make the Space Room set the perfect backdrop for photography, film scenes, music videos, and more.

Best Standing Sets Los Angeles at Monarch Studios


Standing sets are a cornerstone of efficient, consistent, and creative film and television production. Their cost-saving benefits, combined with the flexibility they offer in scheduling and filming, make them an invaluable asset for any long-term project. Beyond the practical advantages, standing sets contribute significantly to the visual continuity and immersive quality of a narrative, enhancing both the production process and the viewer’s experience.

Streetstyle and urban standing set with graffiti at Monarch Studios As we’ve mentioned, one of the most significant advantages of standing sets is their cost efficiency. Building a set from scratch can be a labor-intensive and expensive process, involving not only the construction of the physical environment but also its decoration, lighting, and technical setup. By maintaining a standing set, productions can avoid the repeated costs of building and dismantling temporary sets for each episode or scene that requires the same location. This reduction in labor and material costs can be substantial, especially for long-running television series or film franchises where certain locations are used repeatedly.


In addition to cost savings, standing sets provide unparalleled production flexibility. Filming schedules often require scenes to be shot out of chronological order due to actor availability, weather conditions, or other logistical considerations. With a standing set, crews can easily access the necessary location at any point during the production schedule without the need for extensive setup or teardown time. This flexibility allows for more efficient use of time and resources, enabling productions to adhere to tighter timelines and adjust to unexpected changes with greater ease


Moreover, standing sets can also foster creativity among filmmakers. With a permanent set, directors and cinematographers have the opportunity to explore and refine their approach to shooting scenes within that space. They can experiment with different angles, lighting setups, and camera movements to fully utilize the set’s potential. This level of familiarity and flexibility can lead to more innovative and visually compelling storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I shoot a film in LA?

Los Angeles is one of the world’s premier locations for film production, offering a diverse array of settings, facilities, and resources. Whether you’re looking for the glitz of Hollywood, the charm of the beach, or the tranquility of nature, LA has a location to match your vision. One of the best ways to get attention-grabbing visuals without spending a fortune is to work with a studio like Monarch Studios, which offers a variety of standing sets, a cyc wall, and more.

Do you need a permit to film in public Los Angeles?

Yes, you generally need a permit to film in public in Los Angeles. The process is managed by FilmLA, the official film office for the City and County of Los Angeles. Public film permits are required to ensure that film production activities do not interfere with public safety and everyday community activities.

Where can I take street photography in Los Angeles? 

Los Angeles offers a diverse array of vibrant and visually captivating locations perfect for street photography, such as downtown Los Angeles, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Koreatown, and more. Often, however, these public locations are busy and include a degree of unpredictability (weather, bystanders, etc.) that can delay shooting and raise filming costs. Filming at Monarch Studios offers a secure, controlled atmosphere and ideal lighting so that your photo shoot will look its best. For instance, Monarch’s photo studio rental offers The Yard for outdoor scenes and The Street Scene set perfectly suitable for street-style pics.

How much do sets cost for a movie?

The cost of sets for a movie can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of film, the complexity and scale of the sets, the location, and the production design requirements. To learn how Monarch Studios’ standing sets and cyc wall can help you streamline your budget and gain greater control over filming… all without sacrificing quality — contact us at (818) 486-3931 and tell us the details and your preferences for your upcoming project.

Remember, standing sets are a cornerstone of efficient, consistent, and creative film and television production. 

Their cost-saving benefits, combined with the flexibility they offer in scheduling and filming, make them an invaluable asset for any long-term project. 

Beyond the practical advantages, standing sets contribute significantly to the visual continuity and immersive quality of a narrative, enhancing both the production process and the viewer’s experience. As iconic elements of beloved shows and films, standing sets have proven their worth time and again, solidifying their place as a crucial tool in the art and craft of storytelling.