What is a Cyclorama Wall?

A cyclorama wall is a special type of background for a photo shoot. It has no corners or tops and gives the impression of space and distance. These walls are popular in product photography and video production. Adding a cyclorama wall to your photoshoot can be a great way to increase the effect of your photos. The cyclorama wall is an excellent choice for full-body photography because the background won’t distract from the subject and makes it much easier to light your subject. Cyclorama walls are typically painted with a matte or semi-gloss paint. The surface of these walls will attract dirt, so you may need to apply a bit of extra cleaning before shooting. You can also use backlights or fill lights to ensure that your subject is in the best possible light.


The Warehouse is a 7,300 sq. ft. open floor plan with a 28’ x 28′ x 12′ white cyclorama wall in Los Angeles. This space has a classic industrial feel and is also perfect for you to build your own sets upon request. The cyc wall can be painted for a nominal fee.

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